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more_vertPlans of boat of Peter I "St.Nikolas"

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Plans of boat of Peter I "St.Nikolas"close

Drawings of Peter I's boat "St. Nicholas" for building a model of wood in scale 1:24.   "St. Nicholas" is a wooden boot of Peter the Great, which has survived to this day in the Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg. Known as the "grandfather of the Russian Navy".     All drawings are given in M1:24, with a model length of 311 mm. All patterns and parts are ..

more_vertBoat of Peter I "St.Nikolas"

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Boat of Peter I "St.Nikolas"close

Set for the construction of Peter the Great's boat "St. Nicholas" in 1:40 scale."Saint Nicholas" is a wooden boat of Peter I, preserved to this day in the Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg. Known as "the grandfather of the Russian fleet"The set is packed in a full color cardboard folder and contains:Sheets of laser cut cardboard packed in a plastic bag with reusable closure.A4 sheet of Whatma..

more_vertDrawings of the yacht of Peter I "Saint Peter"

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Drawings of the yacht of Peter I "Saint Peter"close

Admiralty drawings of the yacht of Peter I "St. Peter" for the construction of a model from wood at a scale of 1:48The yacht was built in Arkhangelsk by order of Tsar Peter the Great in the spring of 1693. The builders of the yacht were the Dutch ship craftsmen P. Bas and G. Jansen, and its decorations were made by the "carving master" F. Ievlev. Peter I went to sea for the first time on the "St. ..